Kayak on the Russian River


The best way to see Russian River wildlife is by kayak. Birds are plentiful as dozens of species are found here, among them ospreys, red-tail hawks, kingfishers, kites, all types of herons, egrets, cormorants, swallows, crows, turkey vultures, ducks, and geese, along with brown pelicans at the mouth of the river in the fall. From Duncans Mills to the mouth of the river you may encounter harbor seals venturing from their nursery in the estuary. River otters slide down the banks and turtles sun on logs anywhere along the river; deer come down to drink, as do mountain lions although such a sighting is rare indeed. Bobcats are sighted on the hills above the river.

During boating season, the Russian River has no white water, just a few currents here and there providingĀ an amiably gentle river for novices and a relaxing paddle for the experienced.

We offer many excellent and exciting paddling opportunities for kayakers of all levels from guided trips to multi-day trips as well as self guided trips as part of your team building activities.