Mother’s Day in the Wine Country

Baby giraffe with mom

Baby giraffe with mom

Safari West is nestled on 400 acres and home to over 900 exotic mammals and birds and approximately 90 species. Spring is the time of year when many animals have their babies because there is lots of food available and the longer days mean they have more daylight to find food for their young.

A visit with the animals is amazingly fun any time of the year and you may be able to image what a special occasion Mother’s Day was. In the animal world, as in the human world, being a mother is a full-time job and Mother’s Day is just like any other day. In all of these species, the mother is always watching out for her children.

Different animals have different mothering styles, just as humans do, and similarities with various kinds of human child-rearing are easy to spot. For instance, monkeys live in extended family groups, with females available to nurture any baby that needs it.

Safari West baby flamingos

Baby flamingos

Flamingos nest so close together the environment is almost like communal child care.

Baby antelopes are stashed in the brush away from the herd, out of sight and safe from predators, where mom watches discreetly from a distance.

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