Up, Up, and Away!


It was a calm and sunny morning at Keiser Park in the Town of Windsor, CA at 6:30 am on June 15th for watching a spectacular palette of color and shapes from over 25 hot air balloons. This annual event takes place over two days with pilots coming from as far as Florida to participate.

Hot air balloonsAmidst the vehicles, tarps, and ropes, there was a hum from the inflator fans and a roar from the burners as the balloons were getting ready to launch. Because the wind was calm, the balloons stayed close to the park, giving everyone a great opportunity to watch the sky fill with their graceful beauty.

Hot air balloon

After the main launch of hot air balloons drifted away, there were a few balloons that seemed to be bobbing around at low altitude over the field. These were the tethered balloons. The tethered balloon were launched, went up approximately 50 feet, and floated for a few minutes before coming straight back down in the same place. As a passenger, the feeling you experience with tethered flight is the same as with a free, un-tethered, flight of 1000 feet. The only difference is the view. Tethered balloons are tied off by three or more lines to objects on the ground, usually vehicles, to restrict their flight.

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Check out the pilots and their amazing balloons at www.schabc.org/pilots.html.